Internet Radio (1)

This category contains answers to frequently asked questions about our Internet radio services, how to set up and manage your Internet radio station, and how to get the most out of your Internet radio account with us.

Web Hosting (4)

If you're one of our Web hosting customers, be sure to check inside this category to find useful information and answers to common questions about hosting your Web site or Web application with us.

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 How do I add a top-level domain to my hosting account?

One of the core components of domain management is being able to add a top-level domain to your...

 How do I install a custom script?

Unless you are developing your Web site by hand or are hiring a developer to do some custom...

 How do I get a license for my station from your partnership with

As per our terms of service, all Internet radio stations that we host must be licensed and legal....

 How do I remove a virtual server from my hosting account?

Chances are you've never heard of the phrase "virtual server" before, right? If you answered...

 How do I add a subdomain to my hosting account?

A subdomain can be thought of as a way to split your Web site or Web application into sections,...

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